A group for display of the most Exquisite works of RedBubble

Recent Work

  • Heidi by Susan Bergstrom
  • Vivid Sydney in Walsh Bay by Erik Schlogl
  • Red hibiscus Hawaii: pen and wash. by Elizabeth Moore Golding
  • Jeremy Clarkson by Margaret Sanderson
  • Kiya by Susan Bergstrom
  • Just Ducky by Nadya Johnson
  • Learning to fly by floatingpilot
  • In the Garden of Good and Evil by twopoots
  • Green eyes by Chehade
  • Embraced by Norbert Probst
  • What you watching? What you looking for? by indiafrank
  • Illumination by Karin Getaz

About This Group

This group is currently active 04-01-15

“Hunter’s Moon” by Tarrby

Welcome to Exquisition.
More and more often, we all come across a piece of work, here at RedBubble, which stops us in our tracks. Such work can have this effect on us for a variety of reasons. It can be stunningly beautiful, stunningly spiritual, intellectually brilliant, or just the “funniest (tasteful) thing in the world”. It can be from any genre or style. Whatever the reason, it is exquisite visual art!

Here, anyone at all who we feel has produced at least one image of outstanding and exquisite art or photography can be invited to share that work with the RedBubble community, through this group.This group is intended to be a resource for reliably outstanding work, for both the personal and the professional international development of art and design.

If you are interested in joining our group and you think that your work would be an exquisite addition to our portfolio, please just send a Bubblemail to one of our hosts.

Please view our Featured Work section as a standard of the work we are seeking and please read the rules and guidelines thoroughly before applying for membership.
Thank you.

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Membership of the group is by invite only.