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  • Charldia

    Comparatively Speaking by Charldia

    The low valley drowned in darkness as the gloomy storm clouds covered the sky.

    Depression and despair shrouded my mind. Heavy burdens blocked the Light as the deceptive darkness held me blind.

    A bree…

    311 words
  • Anthony DiMichele

    losing nothing by Anthony DiMichele

    the width and depth of breath
    in the banking district
    is immeasurable
    if not invisible
    in television’s new world order
    the mouth muscles full of magical nasty fluff
    punch holes through the hidden vei…

    172 words
  • Charldia

    Sensing You by Charldia

    Peaches and Cream
    Strawberry Dreams
    Blackberry Wine
    Your Sweet Lips Sublime

    Rainbow Skies
    Bright Butterflies
    Oceans Of Blue
    None Can Compare To You

    Salty Sea Spray
    Fresh Rainy Day
    Honeysuckle Blooms
    You’re My…

    190 words
  • Charldia

    Weeping Willow by Charldia

    Why do you weep, beautiful Willow?
    Why do your branches bend low?
    Is it true you cry, when someone dies
    That is a poor, lost, tortured soul?

    Why do you weep, lovely Willow?
    Why do your branches hang down…

    206 words
  • Charldia

    Fogged Mirrors by Charldia

    As we grow old, get a little slow, things change
    And it seems like our body gets rearranged
    Sags and bags are not meant to see
    So I try to avoid mirrors constantly.
    So before I shower, I turn the hot wat…

    138 words
  • David  Perea

    Surreal and Eternal by David Perea

    There is a moment
    an instant in life
    a present in time
    when all is surreal
    and all is eternal

    reflections of Love

    when you and I were there
    when we both learn how to ride
    the crazy flow of lights


    107 words
  • Charldia

    As Told By the White Rose by Charldia

    I first bloomed in that garden so fair,
    With a sweet smelling fragrance and beauty rare.
    The perfect paradise created by God’s own hand
    Where animals and plants lived in perfect harmony with man.

    438 words
  • C.C. Arshagra

    *The Truth freed* by C.C. Arshagra

    Silly intelligent powerful hungry
    babies knowingly believing …

    240 words
  • Charldia

    Don't Quit Your Race 2 Timothy 4:7 by Charldia

    Too many days and days of darkness and despair,
    But You keep whispering words of hope reminding me You’re there.
    Too many nights of crying, praying, so very little sleep,
    But I feel You gently w…

    218 words



    692 words
  • Anthony DiMichele

    HA! by Anthony DiMichele

    HA!= Homeless Activists!
    well-connected nomads
    who don’t scare people
    except for a laugh
    their lawns and their haircuts
    that match
    signs for sale claiming a stake
    through the heart of a dot
    in a straig…

    126 words
  • Charldia

    Of Him, I am Proud by Charldia

    Me, I’m more ordinary than most that you know.
    I have no riches, no treasures to show.
    No talent to brag of, no accomplishments of my own
    My success lies in my children and the things they have do…

    384 words
  • juddarwin

    a j'darwin poem (3 lines of equal feet) to lolita popo mo... by juddarwin

    ah! ha! yr phone out of range, maybe,
    luv, still the best communicator
    sent / ‘ceived pulses e’en of kind you don’t

    24 words
  • Charldia

    God's Cry by Charldia

    How heavy are the rains that pour from the skies
    I know how hard you’re weeping God, those tears fall from your eyes.
    Your tender heart is broken from innocent lives both injured and lost
    For som…

    315 words
  • aprilann

    Host Needed - Classic Artistic Still Life - Host Needed by aprilann

    If you are interested in hosting or co-hosting this group or possible one of the other groups I have saved from being abandoned please let me know.

    109 words
  • Hannah Fenton-Williams

    Lost love by Hannah Fenton-...

    As i was leaving i looked at you
    to see what you would do
    you just said bye and walked away
    i was hoping you had more to say
    as i walked away
    my emotions began to stray
    i wanted a hug
    i wanted a kiss
    i wante…

    143 words
  • C.C. Arshagra

    Functionalism 40 And he said I have two holes in my body ... by C.C. Arshagra

    once upon
    the possibility of consciousness unfolding humility rising
    like the sun over the limits of parenting

    224 words
  • Anthony DiMichele

    as brown as green by Anthony DiMichele

    his passion is nuanced
    into a cool lean breeze
    until insight is as brown
    as it is green
    lost in wonder
    re-arranging a world
    making its own sense
    as it changes
    into aftermath
    second sight
    your aroma alon…

    538 words