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Recent Work

  • Blue Dream by Amy Dee
  • The hotel by yanshee
  • Milky Way by Amy Dee
  • Some Days Are Like This by James Lewis Hamilton
  • Beyond the WITNESS by TeaseTees
  • Abstract Geometric 3D Triangle Pattern in Blue / Pink by badbugs
  • Question Mark - Pitts Specials + Meteor & Vampire by muz2142
  • RainBow Warriors by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Snorkeling......Just the 2 Of Us.......... by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • As you start ~ Rumi quote by TeaseTees
  • PARK RULES by DAdeSimone

About This Group


Experimental is a group for NEW things.

It is a group for people experimenting with new forms of photography or artwork that they have not tried before and perhaps want feedback on. Trying new tools, equipment, and media can be experimental in nature.
Writing can also be experimental, so if you have an unusual idea, style or anything that you want to bounce of some other people, this is the place to do it!
Open to all people, amateurs, semi-professional AND professional photographers, writers, etc. All forms of art are allowed, but please only upload your best, to keep the quality high.
Feel free to add to and browse through our forums… suggesting ideas and processes, whatever you like!

Our group avatar is Sick of Disrespect by Johanne Brunet

NOTE: You SHOULD INCLUDE in your tags or in the description the word “EXPERIMENT” (or “Experimental”). Please add a description of WHY your work is new/experimental, too. We STRONGLY ADVISE the inclusion of the word ‘experimental’ in the image description; however works that are clearly experimental (because of the information you provide in the description) despite the lack of the word will still be considered.

Also: If you think your work isn’t just experimental for you, but maybe a new kind of art…in other words, that it is “Avant-Garde”…please consider joining the Avant-Garde Group

See the group rules and join this group here

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