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Everything Winter

Walking through the winter wonderland; landscapes, snow, ice… / People wearing wooly pullovers, mittens, gloves. / It MUST be obvious that it's really winter; - Show us your best winter images.


  • St. Nicholas Cathedral, St Petersburg, Russia by inglesina
  • Walking in my footprints by Kevin Moore
  • Winding road by Veikko  Suikkanen
  • Wayside Inn Grist Mill in Winter by Monica M. Scanlan
  • Work with Me by Bill Maynard
  • Glorious, Beautiful, Mt. Shuksan by Appel
  • Winter on the Great Salt Lake Antelope Island Utah by Bellavista2
  • Winter magic by Marek Nõlvak
  • Sunny Day by TickerGirl
  • Walking Through Winterland by AndreaFettweis
  • Snow fLakes by Luke Johnson
  •  Church of St Mary The Virgin, Leake, North Yorkshire. by sweeny
  • Ice by Kevin Moore
  • Tamarama Beach by JodieT
  • Blue by Toni Holopainen
  • Early morning Peak District by Cliff Williams
  • Sun Dogs by Gary Paakkonen
  • Asia 1.0 by Kevin Moore