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Everything Old a New Treasure - Antiques and Historic Items/Buildings

Take us back in time, with your photographs, sketches or paintings of antiques. Whether pristine condition, lovingly restored, or valiantly exhibiting the character of years of wear.


  • An Edge Line-art drawing of the Eiffel Tower by Dennis Melling
  • Impressions Of Venice - Small Canal Hugged by a Fig Tree by Georgia Mizuleva
  • 1960 Flat Top BW by Thomas Burtney
  • 1957 Star Chief B/W by Thomas Burtney
  • Boats! by MallsD
  • The Chinese Bridge by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • The Old Wagon Wheel by RickDavis
  • Old Door Knobs With Character by Diane Arndt
  • 50's Chevy Hood Ornament by Larry Costales
  • Details of the Roesselmann Fountain by Yair Karelic
  • Győri utcák by zumi
  • Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II, Rome by Erik Schlogl
  • Well-Pressed by Anthony Billings
  • Vintage Schooling by Randy Turnbow
  • Harley Rat by Randy Turnbow
  • Mary's Miraculous Fire by Larry Costales
  • Rusty in Aix by Christine  Wilson
  • Green Door by Christine  Wilson