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Take us back in time, with your photographs, sketches or paintings of antiques. Whether pristine condition, lovingly restored, or valiantly exhibiting the character of years of wear.

Challenge Winners - Antique Dining Rooms - Winners Posted

Jane Neill-Hancock Jane Neill-Han... 4702 posts

Hello Treasure Hunters-

the challenge ended yesterday. We had 12 entries. One of these entries was mine and I deleted it right after the switch to the new Red Bubble because I could no longer see my number of votes and I was concerned about taking votes away from everyone.

Coincidentally – my image had 4 votes at the time I deleted it – and the winners of the challenge all had 4 votes, so in retrospect if I had left it in I either would have tied with the winners, or if I had gotten more I would have won. LOL.

anyway – I will share my image with you that had 4 votes at the time I deleted it from the challenge.

Antique Formal Dining Room, Lambert Castle by Jane Neill-Hancock

Antique Formal Dining Room, Lambert Castle
by Jane Neill-Hancock

the winners of the challenge as I said all had 4 votes as well.

1] Winner 1 – Dining Room at Ayers House, Adelaide by Christine Smith

2] Winner 2 – The table is set by Arie Koene

3] Winner 3 – The Thomas Edison & Henry Ford Winter Estates by LudaNayvelt

These three members will be added to the featured members on the main page and receive a banner for the challenge win and the member feature.

the rest of the entries that placed with votes are below:

4] Dining in Style Long Ago – Roanoke Transportation Museum^ by ctheworld

5] Dining and More by Monnie Ryan

6] Hearst’s Dining room by lisa roberts

7] Cottage life by bubblehex08

8] A Simple Life by TonyCrehan

9] Crystal Glasses Next To A Fruit Frame by shivonnejean
from dining room at Lambert Castle

the last two entries had the same number of votes, but because of the odd number of entries after I removed mine (11), only one was added at the end of the top ten. since both final entries had the same number of votes, I am giving both of them an honorable mention in the challenge.

they were:

10] The Paragon by PhotosByG

11] A Window on the Past by BlueMoonRose

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to everyone who entered. thank you to all of you who voted for my entry as well. I appreciate it.