Everything Old a New Treasure - Antiques and Historic Items/Buildings

Take us back in time, with your photographs, sketches or paintings of antiques. Whether pristine condition, lovingly restored, or valiantly exhibiting the character of years of wear.


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Comment Thanks for the feature
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over 2 years ago by Pamela Phelps
Comment Group Messages
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Welcome to the group & group messages etc.

4 days ago by lezvee
Comment Treasure Pick of the Week Archive [Fridays or when Host remembers]
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forum archive of the pic/pick of the week

about 1 month ago by Jane Neill-Hancock
Comment List of Challenge Winners and Featured Members on the Main Overview Page
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List of names and the image that gave the member feature on main page with date member was added to featured

22 days ago by Jane Neill-Hancock
Comment That Looks Haunted - Haunted Collection
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Showcase of Haunted entries that have information on the haunted image – I will add as I have time. if you have an image you want me to add – contact me [host Jane]

3 months ago by Jane Neill-Hancock
Comment Host Specialty Showcases
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Collection of Showcases Host has had.

over 1 year ago by Jane Neill-Hancock
Comment List of Challenge topics we have had
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from most recent to oldest – reference

almost 2 years ago by Jane Neill-Hancock
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