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Everything Draft Horse & Carriage Driving

Group Rules:

Anything showing draft horses (friesians, clydesdales, shires, etc.) and crosses are allowed, include breed details if you know them. You may submit an unlimited number of draft horse/pony pictures as you want, but try to limit yourself to 3 a day so as not to flood the page with just one artist’s work! If you have any questions, bubble mail the hosts! :)

CHALLENGE RULES: You must be enter your work into the group BEFORE entering a challenge. Work that is not in the group will be removed from group challenges to be fair to our members.

I want tho thank everyone entering their works to show to fellow artist. Such wonderful works have been showcased on the group! When I first started this group with the help of Skyhorse and Trots, (both I thank dearly) I had no idea that in such a short time it would go from a few pages of images to 19! Keep them coming!!


Jill M. Fehringer