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"""""EVERYDAY LIFE - 3/daily"""""

"""""EVERYDAY LIFE - LIMIT 3 PER DAY for those who carry a camera with them & for Artists who paint, sketch or draw. -*NO CLOTHING, iPADS, iPODS, iPHONES, FRAMES, THROW PILLOWS or BAGS*

Recent Work

  • Marina Shadows by phil decocco
  • Left to Die by trish725
  • Say goodbye ..... by Ana Belaj
  • Tourists And Toronto Island Ferry by Marie Van Schie
  • Angel on the windowsill by Arie Koene
  • Picturesque indian summer scenery | landscape photography by Patrick Jobst
  • Ponies and Buttercups by nastruck
  • Reflections in a Window by Marylou Badeaux
  • Kayaks Ready for Use by Marylou Badeaux
  • Sailboats in the Harbour by Marie Van Schie
  • Draped Sails by Marie Van Schie
  • Chairs on the Hill  by Marie Van Schie

About This Group

Avatar/Musical Instrument – Winner – 15/9/2014

Clarinet Notes
by Barbara Brown

Avatar/Musical Instrument – Co-Winner – 15/9/2014

by LydiaBlonde

Feature Page/Birds – 08/9/2014

'Terns in flight'
by Ian Berry

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