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Group Rules:

1….. No Nudity…..this is Group is for ALL AGES!

2….. Nothing Offensive…..This Group is for ALL AGES!

3….. 2 Uploads per Member per day!

4….. Challenge winners will be on the Wall of Fame for up to 3 months .. then the image will be removed to the forum .. Past Challenge Winners .. were it can be viewed for as long as the group is here

5…. The HOSTS of this group have the final say! So what we say and agree on, GOES .. hosts may also enter the challenges and be featured after all we are members too

6….. Anyone found reported for, unruley behaviour, swearing, and being offensive towards other members, WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REMOVED!

7…. The hosts reserve the right to remove any work WITHOUT prior
warning to the artist, from the group and /or any challenge that does not
adhere to both group and redbubble guideline rules.