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Even-toed Ungulates (2 per day)

This group is dedicated to mammals with even numbered or cloven-toed/hooves.

Recent Work

  • We've Got Our Eye On YOU! by Barrie Woodward
  • Boys will be Boys by RichImage
  • Ya Old Goat by Loree McComb
  • I see you and you see me by vigor
  • deer by brett watson
  • Losing their spots by vigor
  • Ready For Winter by Kent Keller
  • Bison in the mist by Linda Sparks
  • Munching Moose by Eivor Kuchta
  • A morning kiss by Jim Cumming
  • A watchful mom by vigor
  • The Intense, And Vaguely Disturbing, Stare Of A Goat by WildestArt

About This Group

The Even-toed ungulates (meaning pawed or hoofed animals) from the mammal order Artiodactyla, the group that contains the cows, sheep, goats, pigs, peccaries, hippopotamuses,moose, camels, llamas, alpacas, chevrotains (mouse deer), deer, giraffes, pronghorn, antelopes hippos and cattle.

They are ungulates whose weight is borne about equally by the third and fourth toes, rather than mostly or entirely by the third as in odd-toed ungulates (perissodactyls) such as horses and donkeys THIS IS NOT FOR EQUINES.

Examples would be;
Cattle, Deer,

PHOTOS ONLY. We are no longer accepting oil, pastel, pencil, acrylic paintings or computer-generated images. Layers and textures are allowed as long as they don’t obscure the subject.

Do NOT submit images of HORSES, DONKEYS, RHINOS or ZEBRAS they will be removed without notice

Photos are as is (taken directly from the camera) or enhanced by PS, Photomatix, and Light-room. Images submitted with special filters (eg. Fractilius) or special effects (eg. Orton Effect) are accepted only if they enhance the quality of image.

Please do not enter more than two images per day.

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