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Escher's Perspective - Please Read The Rules

Group Rules:

Read The Rules
Submissions will be rejected for non compliance.

1 ~ Only Escher type art allowed.
Perspective, Tessellating and Dimensional art
If it’s got Escher-style perspective in it, we’ll have it. We love Escher.

2 ~ Maximum of 3 submissions per day

3 ~ Redbubble etiquette MUST allways be followed.

We request that you participate in this group as much as you can by submitting your art to the group challenges, vote in the group challenges and add your comments etc in the Group Forums.

Happy bubbling in Escher and Perspective group!

The Host has the right to reject or remove works they believe are not suited for the group, or are not following the Group’s Guidelines entirely

As a member…I authorize the Hosts the use of any image I submit to this group as the cover image for a group challenge.