Equine Art and Photography


  • Denzil

    ...bury him in this spot... by Denzil

    I found this poem on the internet, posted for a young woman, Laine Ashker, who was critically injured at the Lexington Three Day Event last month. She has apparently recovered well, and was discharge…

    293 words
  • smurfette57

    im back from our travels by smurfette57

    our adventure to lithuania tv show, for family find,

    156 words
  • Julie Just

    Good bye my beautiful friend by Julie Just

    Sadly on the 2nd April, my beautiful horse Pedro passed away. My heart is broken and I’ve cried a river of tears, I so miss my faithful big friend. A mate wrote a beautiful poem for me I felt…

    292 words
  • Dawne Olson

    A Lot of Want by Dawne Olson

    I know an old cowboy. his blue eyes sparkle when he talks to me. “Where’ve you been girl?”
    797 words
  • Tiffany Rach

    Blinded by Tiffany Rach

    As I run blinded
    You’re there to catch me
    With broad shoulders
    I collapse unto your warm neck
    With wet glistening tears
    That dampens your coat.

    Your neck curves around
    My shaking body
    With knowing eye
    You nu…

    133 words
  • Tiffany Rach

    Icy Wonders by Tiffany Rach

    As i take a step outside
    i see the frost glistening
    My heart jumps for joy
    as i see my horse’s breath take leave.

    The fields are frozen silent
    As i and my horse gallope together
    Our hearts joining a…

    128 words