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Environmental Awareness ~ Please read rules ~

A place for RedBubble artists to host artwork whose concern is focused on / environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, famine, energy / saving, etc The purpose of this group should be to raise awareness amongst the viewers / and other artist.

Wind Turbines Challenge Results

sentimentum sentimentum 1106 posts

Wind Turbines Challenge Results First Place

In First Place is Wind Power by JRRouse

Winning a RB voucher

In a three way tie for Second place is:

  • Lake George Turbines by Werner Padarin,
  • Wind Farms on Inishowen Peninsula by George Row
  • WINDMILL SUNSET by AndyReeve

In a six way tie for third place is:

  • The Wind farm, Oxfordshire by button presser
  • Wind turbines by Janette Anderson
  • Hope by Joanna Rice
  • Turbines by Groenendevil
  • wind power by pergolas
  • Desert Wind by InkRain


Congratulations, you are all winners
Thank you for entering your amazing images of wind turbines into this challenge