Perfectly innocent photography that is deceptively erotic.

Recent Work

  • Tree trunk.. by Karen01
  • Aperture by Peter Maeck
  • Dogpecker Shroom? (Phallus Ravenelii) by Marcia Rubin
  • Curves by fototaker
  • Almost obscene by Sylvain Dumas
  • Wood Face Pandana © Vicki Ferrari by Vicki Ferrari
  • Young Innocence ? by USGolfers
  • Coco de Mer by Maxoperandi
  • Provocative Sand by Haydee  Yordan
  • ...just sand! by Haydee  Yordan
  • Just Kidding! by LouJay
  • Parasolzwam-parasol mushroom by alaskaman53

About This Group

Sex sells or so they say but let’s keep it clean and inspire photography that simply gives the impression of something more sensual, erotic or even downright sexy. We want to bridge the gap between the numerous nude and eroticism groups and the rest.

We are looking for photographers who would like to have fun being naughty but nice; sexy, but not really. Do you want to surprise someone with your innocent photo of say a chair or a vegetable?

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