Enhanced Photos

Group Rules:

1. All submitted photos must have been enhanced in some way with a digital art program, plugin, or freehand.
2. Photo manipulation is great, but please try and keep the subject matter on the lighter side. If you want to turn a pic of your X-girlfriend into a zombie, that’s fine, but there are plenty of other groups for stuff like that.
3. No nudes. Sorry, but we want this group to be viewable by everyone, especially creative young artists that are looking for new ideas and inspiration.
4. No t-shirts or writing allowed.
5. Please share your knowledge. We don’t want you to give away your trade secrets, but posting the original photo or explaining a little about how you do what you do in the description box would be nice. Your experience and techniques can go a long way to help struggling new artists. Journal entries are a great way to do this too. This isn’t mandatory, it’s just a thought.