Endangered Species

A place for your artwork pertaining to animals, plants, and ecosystems that are endangered or threatened. Artwork featuring species that have recovered and been delisted through conservation efforts are welcome as well.

Recent Work

  • Spirit of the Bear I by Skye Ryan-Evans
  • Przewalski's horse, Mongolia by Carole-Anne
  • Now Extinct in the wild by Malcolm Chant
  •  Przewalski's Horses, Mongolia by Carole-Anne
  • Przewalski's horse, Mongolia by Carole-Anne
  • Wolf singing to the moon by dnlddean
  • Just Out of Reach by Ladymoose
  • Macaque stare by emmelined
  • Nautilus by Yanni
  • Painted Dog by jozi1
  • Giant Otter, Parque Nacional del Manu, Peru by Erik Schlogl
  • Humpback Whale and snow mountain by RichImage

About This Group

Welcome to Endangered Species Group! The mission of this group is to educate people about endangered and threatened species of plants and animals and raise awareness of this critically important issue.

Please respect the group’s simple rules:

1. Name the species and give its status (e.g., threatened/endangered/critically endangered) and the threats to its survival for each upload. Your description is every bit as critical to acceptance of an image in this group as the quality of the image. Please take the time to look up some information about the species and educate your viewers and potential buyers. It could really make a difference in the survival of the species! Good sources of information are Wikipedia and the IUCN.

2. Please add only one artwork per day, which allows more exposure for all of your beautiful work and the animal/plant that is endangered.

3. We have also recently decided that we should tell some happy stories in this group — some endangered animals and plants have been pulled back from the brink of extinction with intensive conservation efforts. So we will allow images of animals that were previously endangered or threatened, but the images must contain information in the description about the conservation efforts that were used to bring the species back to healthy populations. Without this information, we cannot accept the image; remember — education is our main goal.

Our group avatar is Fishing by Anne-Marie Bokslag

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