Plants at Risk - 3/day

Endangered, Rare, Vulnerable or Threatened Plants Worldwide

Recent Work

  • Spider Orchid by Keren Smithies
  • Tailed Spider Orchid by Keren Smithies
  • Custard Orchid by Paul Amyes
  • Blue China Orchid by Paul Amyes
  • Fringed Mantis Orchid by Paul Amyes
  • Jerusalem Artichoke by Rebecca Bryson
  • Orchid close up by indiafrank
  • Mischievous  by indiafrank
  • Leopard orchid by Keren Smithies
  • Gold by indiafrank
  • Club Moss by Rebecca Bryson
  • Bridge over Lapiaz by Organicvision

About This Group

This group is to show to the world those plants which are considered to be Endangered, Rare, Vulnerable or Threatened Plants Worldwide. Please note: they may not be in endangered etc everywhere so please write in your Artist’s Notes where you understand that these are endangered, rare etc.

This group is for Plants only, that are under threat in the wild, their natural habitat. This can included old growth forests, fungi or flowers that are not common
The group is not for cultivated varieties.

We wish to have photos identifying the plant, its region and nature of threat against it.
Photography only please.

We now accept written work as well so If you have a written piece concerning vulnerable, rare, endangered or threatened plants or any news on conservation of previously threatened or endangered plants please upload that information for us too

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Magneta Emu Bush flower by Ian Berry

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George Row

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