End Times

A place for doubters of the official stories

About This Group

Images and writings etc relating directly to the
currently growing understanding of the prophesized “End Times”
- Bible prophecy, Revelations, the number of the Beast (666 and microchipping)
- Government conspiracy
- Swine Flu – enforced drugging of the masses
- Secret societies and secret symbolism
- ‘One World’ domination
- Oil Wars, The war without an enemy (Terror)
- The Mayan calendar, the Year 2012.
- Alien invasions, genetic manipulation, reptiod shapeshifters
- Photon belts, missing water planets and sirius gods
- Age of Aquarius, stargate and DNA upgrades

I’ll accept almost any decent work – but only feature that which I deem relevant to the theme of this group…

look forward to seeing your ideas…. this is a fascinating topic…. who knows, could even hold some truth????

I apologise for not beeing a very proactive host – not as much spare time available as I thought…. But I do get through most of the submissions regularly.

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