2 (per day) No Insects, or humans. No black and white or sepia

Recent Work

  • Protecting her Complexion by koicharisma1
  • Red Rose Highlighted by WildestArt
  • Yellow rose by Shulie1
  • Porcelain petals by Celeste Mookherjee
  • Hidden treasures by MarianBendeth
  • Rose 364 by secretgardener
  • Heart of the Rose by Astrid Ewing Photography
  • Sunkissed Rose by MidnightMelody
  • A touch of class - State Rose Garden, Werribee, Vic.  by EdsMum
  • Hybrid Tea Rose Chicago Peace after rain Leith Park Victoria 20160528 7017  by Fred Mitchell
  • The Survivor by secretgardener
  • Dusky beauty by ♥⊱ B. Randi Bailey

About This Group

2 entries per day!

Accepting: Oil Paintings, Finger Painting, Water Colors, Acrylics,
Pastels, Colorful Pencils, Photography, and Colorful Drawings.

We are looking for great images of roses! Please do not be discouraged if your image is not accepted in our group, It’s nothing personal it’s just not what were looking for.

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