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18th July 2010

Warning 2
by Peter Denness

Well Done Pete – Congratulations from all here at the Herd!

    The degree of dexterity in an African elephant’s trunk is so acute, that it can turn the pages of a book, or pluck a single blade of grass. More practically, elephants use their trunks for smelling, caressing, grasping (including picking berries), hurling mud and dusting themselves, and a wide variety of other functions. Their trunk has no bones, and is capable of lifting up to 600 pounds!
  • Some of our members have beautiful elephant calendar at the moment, displaying the sheer wonder of these magnificent animals..If you have a calendar dedicated only to elephants… drop either host a bubblemail and let us know…
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  • For a truly magical experience…if you haven’t already caught up with Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow experience…when you have some quiet time…go…‘explore’… and be truly mystified!

Ashes and Snow

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