An Age of Wisdom - no statues! - 1 submission per 24 hours

Photographs of people only

Recent Work

  • The way I am by Joseph  Tillman
  • Norseman by Randy Turnbow
  • Home Grown Refugee by Joseph  Tillman
  • Napping by Randy Turnbow
  • Old Friends  by Alessandro Pinto
  • Freddy by Clare Colins
  • A REal Person by Graeme M
  • Unrelenting by Farfarm
  • Wild and wise, India by indiafrank
  • He said his name was Lewie by Clare Colins
  • No You F...k... Didn't Joe by Joseph  Tillman
  • UNCLE SAM CELEBRATES! by Heather Friedman

About This Group

New guidelines – 15th November 2011

The faces of your elder folk MUST be able to be seen clearly, please – images taken of the back of people’s heads will not be accepted.

This group is now about celebrating the wonderful elder folk in our lives, via photographic images – your parents (50+), your grand parents, your elder neighbors, elder friends of your parents, Aunts, Uncles, the slightly stooped chappie who visits to re-shoe your horses every six weeks, the wonderful gal who hands you your mail … basically anyone of senior age who has made an impression on your life, or who has positively helped shaped your life into the fine adult you are … this group is here to help you celebrate the age of wisdom, from all walks of life, including those wonderful elder folk you might meet in your travels.

We all know of those who have aged and we are all influenced by their wisdom and their experiences. Whether we purposefully aim to create imagery based around them or do it without thinking, let us see your best images of grandparents, sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunties, friends, neighbors, and elder folk you’ve met along life’s path.

Please note, they do NOT have to be related to you :)

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