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Reopened - Dynamic Photo Painting

A group to showcase the effects you can create with Dynamic Auto-Painter and other Painting software

Recent Work

  • Silver Sliver over the Sea by RC deWinter
  • Heathcliff's Window by RC deWinter
  • Charming Whimsy by RC deWinter
  • Barely Blush by RC deWinter
  • Temecula Wine Country by Rhonda Strickland
  • Yellow Orchids by Gilberte
  • Bright Spot by RC deWinter
  • Lucifer Falls by RC deWinter
  • Vincent's Valentine by RC deWinter
  • Fruit and Cricket by Gilberte
  • Hydrangeas by Gilberte
  • Koi attacks lily! by Celeste Mookherjee

About This Group

A group where lovers of photo painting can show off their best works

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