**** International Showcase **** 1 a Day (1/24) of High Quality Art


*In the Spotlight* and *Featured Art*, Sunday January 13, 2013

ienemien ienemien 757 posts

Hi International Showcase Friends,

In the Spotlight

This week is Special Featured Member, Henry Jager

Hi Henry,
Your Portfolio is Beautiful !
Your Underwater photos are Fantastic!
I also love your photos with insects and other Macro!
Your Wildlife and landscape are Wonderful!
Congratulations Henry, with your Special Featured Sunday!

In the Spotlight

Featured Art this Sunday, January 13, 2013

Congratulations to the artists: Henry, Cathy, Robyn, Karl, Tim, Ladymoose, Grant, Randy, John, Penny, Julie and Peasticks

Your Art and Photos are from a high Quality and deserve it to be Featured!

Wish you all a great Sunday and a Beautiful New Week

Warm greetings from Ien… Bye

Jo Nijenhuis Jo Nijenhuis 1654 posts

Congrats to All Featured Artists, a Beautiful gallery of Featured Art, well done Ienemien!

Special Congratulations to Henry with the Spotlight Features and for being our newest FEATURED MEMBER.
Wow your work is wonderful, a joy to view. A very well deserved Spotlight;)))

Wish you all a fantastic new week!
Take care, Jo ;)))

Robyn Carter Robyn Carter 167 posts

Thank you – excellent work by all ;)

Henry Jager Henry Jager 64 posts

Wow! That’s really great :-) :-) :-)
Thank you very much, Ienemien and Jo! This spotlights as well as being featured member in your fantastic group are a big honour to me!

Thank you very mcuh for your superb work to this group, you can be proud of :-)

Best Regards

Manon Boily Manon Boily 3069 posts

congratulations Henry. you see, I am not alone to see how good are your work. congratulations and for the featured members too ;)

Sandra Fortier Sandra Fortier 718 posts

Congratulations Henry. Your photos are a joy to see.

Macky Macky 1175 posts

Henry, you’re a fine artist, congrats!!