Drive By Shooting

Photographs taken from Cars

Recent Work

  • Town of Murrurundi, New South Wales by Marilyn Harris
  • Tug Of War With 800,000 Bushels Of Rice by WildestArt
  • The See Through Barn by WildestArt
  • Purple Mustang by Jane Neill-Hancock
  • Classic VW Bug in Bright Orange by Jane Neill-Hancock
  • Please Drive Slowly by nastruck
  • The Giant Kudzu Monster by WildestArt
  • Infinity by WildestArt
  • The Old Way by WildestArt
  • Pretty Horse by WildestArt
  • My Town by WildestArt
  • Sunset on a Country Road by Nadya Johnson

About This Group

The images must be a “drive by” – no exceptions. Please see the group rules for acceptable forms of transport …

The photo should also be somehow obviously from a car (or bus, etc) – a clear sharp photo of a beautiful landscape probably isn’t going to do it. If your vehicle is in motion there is almost always going to be some blur, a tilted horizon, a chunk of car frame/mirror or something in it. Or, if you’re stopped, say at a stop light, the composition or perspective should make the camera’s position obvious.

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