Group Rules:

Must abide by Redbubble rules.
Work must depict farm life or farming in general.
Farm equipment, FARM Animals, Farm hands, Anything on the farm or farm life from work to play is welcome in this group .

Close-ups— must be something in the image to show it is from the farm.
Flowers grow everywhere- unless we can tell they are on a farm they will not be accepted.
Trees are every where- images of just trees will not be accepted
Dogs, Cats, Birds— are found all over the world— please make sure there is something in the image that relates to the farm (we will not be accepting close-ups of these animals- unless there is something that shows farm life)

  • please please please make sure your image is about the FARM… not just sort of country-ish…really depicting farm/farm life etc

Please no snapshots. Let’s represent the Farmer and Farms in the best possible light (pun intended)! Does not have to be pro photos by any means but should have straight horizon lines, decent composition, etc. As long as it reflects the rules and is on or from the farm it will be accepted.

This shouldn’t be an issue in this group but no nudity or profanity.

Sorry, no iPhone covers or t-shirts

when you join our group you give us the right to use your image as a challenge avatar****