Farm and Country

(2 per day) A group showing your best farm and country images.


  • Different approach to sheep herding by Bine
  • Did you hear ..... by missmoneypenny
  • Sunrise Bluebirds by debidabble
  • Lock the Gate by Clare Colins
  • Horsetails by Nadya Johnson
  • 100 year Preservation by Marriet
  • It was a cloudy morning by jchanders
  • The Country Life by PrairieRose
  • Potpourrie of Produce by Nadya Johnson
  • *Today & Yesterday - Creswick Area, Vic. Australia* by EdsMum
  • *Country cottage - Blackwood, Vic. Australia* by EdsMum
  • Autumn Collection by Theresa Campbell
  • Country Mule by RickDavis
  • Find The Needle by Al Bourassa
  • Hay Rolls by AuntDot
  • Stunning View by James Brotherton
  • A stone barn in coffee by Maree Clarkson
  • Couly-Dutheil Winery, Chinon, France by Elaine Teague