Down on the farm

(2 per day) A group to put your work depicting anything from the farm.

Recent Work

  • Hedgehog by Anna Phillips
  • Red Barn by Roxanne Persson
  • Untitled by Jlosquared
  • Frosted Mini Wheats by SandraNightski
  • God Bless America! by vigor
  • The country homestead by vigor
  • Devon Idyll by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Feeding time by Hans Kawitzki
  • Vintage David Brown by RedHillDigital
  • Old House by Cynthia48
  • Rural by vigor
  • The old barn - textured by PhotosByHealy

About This Group

Farm equipment ,FARM Animals , Farm hands, Anything on the farm or farm life from work to play is welcome in this group .
We will not accept any macro or extremely closeup shots that don’t depict anything of a farm such as flowers, bugs, plants etc. Unless there is some kind of background in the photo, we will no longer accept it into this group. Let’s see the farms!

Please no snapshots. Let’s represent the Farmer and Farms in the best possible light (pun intended)! Does not have to be pro photos by any means but should have straight horizon lines, decent composition, etc.

Hans Kawitzki
Hans submits a VERY large amount of images every week and I am stunned at the beautiful, consistent quality! Many of his images have a dreamy, foggy feel. His compositions are wonderful and he pulls you into his images on a very emotional level!

Three Whites by Hans Kawitzki

FEATURED MEMBER: Challenge Winner!
Gisele Bedard , Challenge Winner of “Golden Moments!”

Sunrise in the Fog by Gisele Bedard

by Raoul Madden

Raoul is from Adelaide, AUSTRALIA. There is no bio for the write up.

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