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Down By The Sea - (2/day)

Group Rules:

The group names says it all Down By The Sea – (2/day) !

There are no restrictions on mediums, all are welcome.
No nudes, X rated, profane, politcal or religious works please.
IF there is any doubt about whether your image depicts Down By The Sea please add a description note to say how it is by the SEA.

The group is not moderated, but inapproriate images will be removed form the gallery.

I’ve set the two per day (2/day) rule, so submitted images from a variety of members will have some opportunity to be seen on the Home Page. IF it’s obvious this is being abused… or horrors there’s ‘dumping’ going on, DELETION of membership will be EXECUTED!

The most relevant rule is HAVE FUN because that’s the best part of being Down By The Sea !