Don't lose your head

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Recent Work

  • Heads you lose... by MrDeath
  • Heads I win... by MrDeath
  • Eilean Donan Castle: Passing Showers by Angie Latham
  • Morning Light on Eilean Donan Castle by Angie Latham
  • Scotland: Golden Light on Eilean Donan Castle by Angie Latham
  • Red Sky at Eilean Donan Castle by Angie Latham
  • There Can Be Only One - Highlander by [g-ee-k] .com
  • Highlander - Silvercup  by [g-ee-k] .com
  • Ramirez Watercolour by [g-ee-k] .com
  • Kurgan Watercolour by [g-ee-k] .com
  • Scotland: Autumn Gold at Eilean Donan by Angie Latham
  • Scotland: Eilean Donan Sunshine by Angie Latham

About This Group

This group exists to pay homage to the Immortals who walk among you, yay even unto the spin-offs and (dare I say) animated series. And I suppose even The Source…
All who are interested in the Highlander mythos can submit works of any type, join in discussions regarding said works or Highlander in general, engage in the occasional challenge, and maybe take a head or two into the bargain.

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