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Domestic and Pedigree Cats

This group is for domestic and pedigree cats only. These can be longhaired or shorthaired.


  • Mark Chapman

    Rosie the rescue dog by Mark Chapman

    A true story.
    One day my wife was sitting in our living room watching TV, when Rosie came in the room and looked at her intently. She then ran out of the room only to return a short time later acting …

    207 words
  • AbsintheFairy

    Ode to an old friend by AbsintheFairy

    His eyes are closed
    But he is not sleeping

    48 words
  • Angela Harburn

    I'm Not A Cat ..... by Angela Harburn

    … I am a Tree !…

    I don’t understand why you can’t see
    I’m not a cat, I am a Tree!
    In these branches I blend so well
    My tail’s a twig – why can’t you tell?
    You think I have a cunning plot
    To catch the birdi

    86 words
  • Sally Omar

    His Name Is Tiger by Sally Omar

    He sat in a cage at the vet
    No one had adopted him yet
    Sad was his little face
    So thin his bones I could trace
    All the other kittens were round
    But he needed love to be found
    The moment I looked in his eye…

    186 words