Group Rules:

1. The subject matter of the images you submit MUST BE OBJECTS found INSIDE the home (no outside/public shots or subject matter- this includes photos taken in the backyard, garage, porch, etc.) NO PEOPLE

2. Images of flowers will be accepted when it is clearly taken INSIDE your house of an arrangement or flower in a pot or vase

3. Images of pets will be allowed when it was photographed INSIDE your home.

4. NO ABSTRACT ART will be accepted or macro shots taken so close that you need to explain what is that you have photographed. We must see and understand at first glance what the subject matter was.

5. There are also many RB groups dedicated to art in the form of cards. We will no longer accept works of art containing any words that have been typeset onto the image
6. There is no limit on the number of total images that you can submit to this group; however, please limit the number of images you submit daily to two (2)

7. Please make sure that the images you do submit are of high quality (no “snapshots” or “messy” images will be accepted).

8. Writing and Journals are not accepted at this time.

9. All images require approval of the moderator prior to being displayed. Images which do not follow these group rules will not be accepted.

On behalf of the Domestic Art – Home Is Where The Art Is Group, we welcome you…