This group is for art featuring OBJECTS (inanimate) commonly found INSIDE the home and portrayed in a new and artistic way.

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Comment SOUND OFF...
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This forum has been created for the purposes of member input, suggestions, comments, etc. regarding any topic relating to the structure, contests, functionality, organization, and flow of the group itself.

Let’s hear what you have to say!

about 5 years ago by Bumbleart
3 topics 20 posts

It’s time to name our group’s next Featured Artist…

about 8 years ago by Perspective
Comment It's Time To Vote...
1 topic 8 posts

Vote for our group’s next Featured Artist…

about 8 years ago by Todd Rollins
Comment Acceptable Human/Animal Content
1 topic 4 posts

Learn what is and is not acceptable in terms of humans and animals appearing in images for this group…

about 8 years ago by KazM
Comment NEW CONTEST!!!
2 topics 16 posts

It’s time to see what you’re made of . . .

about 8 years ago by wahumom
Comment General Discussion
17 topics 37 posts
over 5 years ago by © Kira Bodensted
Comment Competitions
4 topics 20 posts

Competition guidelines, question about competition, and suggest new ideas.

over 8 years ago by Bevsimages
Comment Photo Book Game by Juni
2 topics 17 posts

The image is provided first by Juni – you add on the next paragraph to the story and then Juni will add an image for the next scene.

about 8 years ago by picketty
Comment The Gallery: Domestic Art Masterpieces
2 topics 13 posts

Post your one Domestic Art masterpiece here to showcase your best work. You may edit your post as your favorite changes.

over 7 years ago by Catherine Mardix
Comment # CONTESTS #
2 topics 12 posts

Where to find information regarding ALL of our group contests.

about 8 years ago by Honor Kyne
Comment Group News
69 topics 150 posts
about 1 year ago by Bradley Shawn Rabon
Comment INPUT NEEDED on Possible Changes to Group Rules...
1 topic 21 posts

This group belongs to it’s members as much as it belongs to it’s hosts. Please take a moment to sound off on some possible changes to what will/will not be accepted into the Domestic Art Group Gallery…

about 7 years ago by Perspective
Comment Acceptable Images for the Domestic Art Group
4 topics 6 posts

A guide on what will and will not be accepted into the Domestic Art Group gallery of images…

about 6 years ago by stephaniek
Comment New amendment to the rules.......
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Comment New amendment to the rules.......
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There is now a new amendment to the rules to add to your description “Taken at home” so please read!

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