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Dolls & Teddy Bears Permanent Featured Art Gallery January 2013

Evita Evita 13245 posts

Hello Members

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that Santa bought you al you asked for…. and more … ☺☺☺♥
Also that you had a great start in the New Year…

We have up our first 12 features for the year…. wonderful and cute!!!
Do take a moment to view them and congratulate the artists… all images are click-able.
Keep your eyes on the this topic… there will more features in the coming weeks….


by Melanie Moor

Pilot in Command
by Barbara Morrison

Piggy on the edge…….!
by Roy Massicks

Teddies faves ©
by Dawn M. Becker

Jimmy takes Lily shoe shopping!
by twinnieE

Proverbs 17:22
by Penny Rinker

Teddy In The Spotlight
by lynn carter

I Love You More Than Cheese
by Tangerine-Tane

Porcelain Doll
by heatherfriedman

My Favorite Doll
by Kenneth Hoffman

Beary Curious
by BirgitHM

Blowing Bubbles
by ArtBee


Rosehaven Rosehaven 1742 posts

Such a line up of cuties !!! Congratulations to all Featured Artists !

Barbara Morrison Barbara Morrison 111 posts

Thanks for the feature! And congratulations to all the others featured! Great work!

Melanie Moor Melanie Moor 57 posts

Thanks for featuring Harry! And congratulations to all the other artists featured!

EdsMum EdsMum 12138 posts

They are all so cute, congratulations to the artists. Shirley

Sharon Brown Sharon Brown 2671 posts

What a lovely selection Evita…WELL DONE to all

lynn carter lynn carter 414 posts

nice selection, well done xx

Roy  Massicks Roy Massicks 1299 posts

What an excellent selection – congratulations to all featured artists. I am proud to have my ’ Piggy on the Edge ’ included. Roy

Evita Evita 13245 posts

Hello everyone,

We have 12 new very cuddly and sweet works are featured in our Group’s Homepage.. don’t forget to take a moment to view and congratulae the artists … allo images are click-able…


Please Don’t Forget Me ~ Your Teddy
by SummerJade

Hitting The Slopes
by tiltedviewcan

"Is that person taking a photo of us ?"
by Annette Holl

Czech Dolls
by phil decocco

Profile in Black and White
by Barbara Morrison

Best Friends Meet Bruce
by PollyBrown

Little Barefoot Boy
by vigor

English Rose
by lynn carter

African Dolls
by © Sabine A. Rusted ~ The Creative Minds

Great friend
by Ana Belaj

Lunch time
by ulryka

by perggals

Congratulations to all featured artists… beautiful works, well done !!! ☺♥

SummerJade SummerJade 1200 posts

Thanks for the feature, Evita, and congrats to all the other featured artists!
These are so cute and funny! Wonderful work! ☺♥♥

Tangerine-Tane Tangerine-Tane 33 posts

Beautiful works! Thank you for adding mine!

Evita Evita 13245 posts

Hello everyone,

We have here the last features for the month of January … 12 wonderful and sweet works..
Do stop to view and leave a comment… all images are click-able


by Lilaviolet

Floral dream
by Baina Masquelier

Beating the Heat
by waxyfrog

Professor Bear
by heatherfriedman

Mama Rabbit
by Susie Peek

Elf Warrior 11
by deviantdolls

Nite Nite
by Ginny York

Bonjour mon ami
by tinypaws

Clown in a swing
by EdsMum

Blushing Blue Bear
by ArtBee

by Ruth Magnus

Teddy Bear
by Anaa

Congratulations to all artists !!!!

╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮ ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita... 10634 posts

Congratulations to all nicely done and presented by all hugs.Nice viewing and selections wow awesome works so sweet aw hugs

waxyfrog waxyfrog 523 posts

Congratulations everyone and thank you Evita for including mine.

Susie Peek Susie Peek 1144 posts

Many congrats everyone! ….. lovely selection Evita ~ cheers for choosing my rabbit in the line up :)

Ginny York Ginny York 6476 posts

Beautiful features Evita! Congratulations everyone! Thanks for including Nite Nite among them. I am honored. :))

tinypaws tinypaws 1246 posts

WELL DONE EVERYONE.A treat to see all the beautiful work and a honor to be included.

SummerJade SummerJade 1200 posts

Congratulations, all! Very creative! ☺♥