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********DOGGIE & KITTY PARADISE...Domestic********

A Dog's & Cats Place Is At His Second Home! Here With His Buddies!


JaniceMachado JaniceMachado 422 posts

New members lets get to know each other. Im a grand mother of 4 children. I love animals and nature. Oh I sing too! I mean I try, lol. Hope to make good RB friends here. I wanted to have a group where we all could share are animals. And I really have enjoyed the all types of dogs there are. I don’t have a dog at this time, but sure within the next 6 months plan on getting one.


ShaunaDZ ShaunaDZ 9 posts

Im Shauna, Im 20 and im an art student and want to be a tattoo artist and i live in ireland Iv one dog at the moment Daisy shes 5 and is a lab greyhound mix. and hopefully ill be taking in a wolf mix shortly if my landlady lets me :) I used to work in a vets and i love all animals

BarbBarcikKeith BarbBarcikKeith 480 posts

Okay – here we go..
I’m the mother of 2, the step-mother of 2 and the grandmother of 12 (that’s blood, step and adopted)
I do have a dog at this time – Max, my mixed breed Shar Pei.. and a husband.. both of whom have been very “excellent” during my time of trial (diagnosed with Colon Cancer Dec. 2008). I’ve been drawing since I was four – no walls suffered!! And if it wasn’t for my art I probably would have lost what little mind I have left!!
Just so you know, I got Max from the local shelter (the last 4 dogs I’ve had were rescues). Before you go shopping for a puppy.. check your local shelter – they have wonderful dogs and they are usually very appreciative of finding a “forever” home..

Lanii  Douglas Lanii Douglas 101 posts

Nice to meet you Janice, what a lovely idea.

I am Lanii from Australia, between my husband and I we have 7 children, we say “we” and “our” and don’t use the word “step” to describe them. They

are all ours. We have in the last week been blessed with our first grandchild, a little girl called Chloe. I haven’t met her yet but when I do

Redbubble will be inundated with photos!

We have 2 beagles (trouble wrapped in fur) and we adore them. We aquired both of them from different rescue services and I urge anyone who is

contemplating dog ownership to consider rescued dogs.

Warm fuzzies.

Christina Rollo Christina Rollo 869 posts

I am Christina from Central NY. I LOVE dogs!! I can’t think of a better friend or companion…. except my husband of course. We currently own 2 dogs, one lab mix and one retriever mix. I worked for 30 years as a secretary while I raised our only son and last year he left for college. I felt it was the right time for me to quit my job and pursue other things that I am passionate about, one of which is photography.

SamTheCowdog SamTheCowdog 148 posts

Hi, I’m Jenny aka SamTheCowdog. I’m from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I am a dog person to the core, I am the founding director of Barlee’s Angels ( since 1999, and I do training and behavior consults outside of my “paycheque jobs”. I am also active in bite prevention, humane education, and general training and behavior workshops, as well as activism against Breed-Specific Legislation. Sadly, our entire province was dealt a huge blow 5 years ago when Pit Bulls were banned.

I have one dog at the moment, Sam, an Australian Cattle Dog. Sam is my demo dog, test dog, and does obedience, rec agility, therapy work, and is started in herding. He is on youtube, twitter etc (SamTheCowdog). :) I lost my very first dog ever, Austin, this April. Thankfully I got my D90 4 days earlier and one of my first RB photos is the last photo of him. Still grieving. :(

I am also working very slowly on two books – one on dog behavior, and one on aggression. I’m not new to dogs but a new photographer and contemplating getting some studio space. I love photographing animals but photography has quickly become a passion, of anything! :)

emmy2 emmy2 757 posts

Hi, I’m vicky. I’m a grandermother of 8. Love nature, gardening, sewing, reading and photography. I have an embroidery business and sew a lots of dog quilts. Quilting is my specialty. Also raise Dachshunds. This week we will bring home a new puppy. An Australian Cattle Dog. a bit of a switch from Dachshunds.
Love RB and I host one group and am co-host in three other groups.


Hi my name is Stevie. I’ve been a member of RB on and off since July 2007. I join, leave, come back so on. Why do I come back you ask? Well I’m still asking myself that same question.
I run three groups here on RB. United: Australia, UK and The USA, Holden, Ford and American Muscle cars & the Sky High group.
I used to sell my work here on RB, but these days I just like to upload it for the fun of it. I love photography it’s my #1 hobby. My other hobbies are sketching & airbrushing, although I put more into my photography these days than I do the other two hobbies.
I have a loveable 9 year old golden Labrador named Gypsy. She is my best friend. I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old.

TraceyR62 TraceyR62 36 posts

Hi, I’m Tracey. I am an Aesthetician/LMT as well as a Cert. Animal Massage Practitioner. Got my first DSR in May and I can’t put it down.

I just joined RB this month and loving all the wonderful, amazing, inspiring talent here. And everyone has made feel very comfortable even though I am not a professional artist.

I have one shepherd mix named Chloe who is 11 and just had ACL surgery today and recently lost my 13 year old black lab pit mix to a brain tumor.

I do a lost and found pet service for my community to which i act as a link between a found pet to its owner.

and if someone could email me on what these banners are and how to do it as well as changing the calendar year if making a calendar, i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much and nice meeting you all.

Esperanza Gallego Esperanza Gallego 742 posts

Hola you all beautiful people
My name is Esperanza, I am grandmother of 3, two boys and one girl .

I love dogs, I do not have one but we take care of dogs and cats when people go for vacation and is great.I joined RB last year and I love it and now I am helping in the group, learning how to do all this things and I enjoyed very much.

I love painting, quilting, knitting, taking pictures and I love the computer

Nice to meet you all
Buenas noches !

Claire Bull Claire Bull 39 posts

I am so pleased to find this group – a few days ago I posted a photo and called it “Dog Paradise” and then I found this group and almost the same name!!! I can’t imagine life without a dog – have grown up with dogs and cats and raised my kids for 20 years had 4 cats and 2 dogs and 3 kids – and a busy home business – now kids are grown and gone and cats are all gone and one doggy left… it is a different life – we enjoy the rescued dogs and this one we have now is learning to be such a sweet dog and my best little friend … I am happy to be part of this group and share photos

JaniceMachado JaniceMachado 422 posts

Thanks for sharing everyone nice to meet you all.

Debbie Thatcher Debbie Thatcher 5 posts

Hi Everyone,

I have just joined your group as a meesage from Pets need a hug group advised you are now open to cats as well. Huge thankyou!!!!!

A quick question, are you also allowing big cats (tigers, lions, cheetahs ect) into the group as well or just domestic cats only please?


JaniceMachado JaniceMachado 422 posts

No big cats its there in the rules. They go into Pets Need A Hug group. :)

Paul  McIntyre Paul McIntyre 96 posts

I have left this late, but, Hello everyone. Thank you for having me in this great group. There are some superb photos in here and its a pleasure to view all the very very cute pets. Regards, Paul

Qnita Qnita 5690 posts

Well Hello!! Here am I too!
Would like to know if textures is allowable… Didn’t see at the rules a yes or no about it…

Thank you!!

Mike Crawford Mike Crawford 64 posts

I’m Mike.
I live in Scotland.
My partner and I rescued Molly 5 years ago. She’s our first dog and we love her very much.
She was very poorly at first, malnourished and with a few health issues, but she’s great now.
I recently made a wee wordpress for her, which is free and looks lovely and we are also members of the ‘twitterpack’…a world wide group of pets who tweet together.