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Disability and Beauty

A place where photographers and artists with limited mobility or other disabilities can display their artwork.


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Comment Featured Members and Challenge Winners
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Featured members are those members who are chosen to have their profile avatar featured on the main overview page of the group. They either have won a challenge or have an image that is host pick of the week.

over 1 year ago by Jane Neill-Hancock
Comment General Discussion
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over 3 years ago by Pamela Phelps
Comment Group Messages
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about 1 month ago by Celeste Mookherjee
Comment Inspiring Quotes
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Quotes that apply to disability, art and beauty. If you have any you wish to add – please choose new topic in this forum and share them with us all.

about 4 years ago by Jane Neill-Hancock
Comment Host Pick of the Week Archive [Fridays]
24 topics 24 posts

archive forum for the host picks of the week. – Each week one of your three hosts will choose a photo from the gallery to showcase.

over 1 year ago by Jane Neill-Hancock
Comment What Color Is Your Soul?
25 topics 25 posts

Fun information on colors and what they mean and how they can help you.

about 4 years ago by Jane Neill-Hancock
Comment Avatar of the Month
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showcase of avatars chosen by hosts starting April 2013 from challenge winners the month before.

over 2 years ago by Jane Neill-Hancock
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