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Diptychs & Triptychs

A mini story in two or three frames

Recent Work

  • Mdina Cathedral Triptych by Trish Meyer
  • Spurge dwellers by missmoneypenny
  • Two hot tigers by missmoneypenny
  • Cat in the rain by Caterpillar
  • Tamborine..... by Peter Doré
  • Feeding time for the spectacled owl by missmoneypenny
  • And the Gods lit the way! by Peter Doré
  • Slow Motion Rain by Laurie Puglia
  • There's a pretzel under my tail by missmoneypenny
  • A dangerous place to take a break by missmoneypenny
  • Sand Dunes at Fowlers Bay by Peter Doré
  • Wrens in camouflage by missmoneypenny

About This Group

diptych/triptych – A diptych is a photograph or painting that uses two different or identical images side by side to form one single artistic statement

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