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Dilapidated Buildings

Group Rules:

The guidelines are quite simple, just make sure that your work is devoted to, or inspired by, old, dilapidated buildings.

Your dilapidated building (or part thereof) should be the main focus of the picture. The hosts may reject a picture where field glasses are needed to see the subject.

Any history known about the buildings would also be an interesting addition.
Here is the definition for the word dilapidated:
Having fallen into a state of disrepair or deterioration, as through neglect; broken-down and shabby..

Building which are still in use and in a good state of repair will no longer be accepted regardless of how old they are. The emphasis for this group is DILAPIDATION – see above.

Abandoned buildings may still be accepted depending on the degree of neglect showing. The hosts will moderate each picture on its own merit.

Hopefully it goes without saying that we do not need any:
nudity or pornographic material here. If we have to remove nudity more than once we will remove you without any notice from the group.

And please…make sure you add your own work ONLY! Do not post anyone else`s work, under ANY circumstances.

I am not a RULES person, so please don’t take advantage of leniency.

This area may evolve with the group.