Digitalis Art

Group Rules:

This is a space for digital artists, from beginner to advanced.

You are welcomed to submit tips, tricks and tutorials direct to the group. The best of these will be included in our Quarterly Magazine (free of charge). We do not accept poems or personal writing, only tips and tutorials will be accepted.

Group Hosts will run challenges aimed at providing inspiration and conversation between group members, to help improve artist skills and push them forward in their craft.

All images MUST have some type of digital manipulation, untouched images will be rejected. Uploads are unlimited, but please be considerate of others and don’t try and take over the space. Duplicates of designs or images will be rejected, as will over processed work. We are looking for your best work.

Everyone must observe Red Bubble’s “Play Nice” Rules. This group will be moderated and anyone not observing the rules will be warned and if not compliant will be removed from the group.

You are encouraged to submit your portfolio to the group hosts for consideration, for inclusion associated web site.