Digital Photography

Group Rules:

Whether it’s major editing or a minor detail, whether on Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements, Aperture… if it’s been altered on the computer, it’s fit for this group. But your work should still look like a photography, in some way. If you change it so much, it does look now like a digital painting – it will be removed.

Please do not upload work that could be deemed inappropriate or offensive material for the workplace.

Please no writing on your work.

No collages.

Photomanipulations does not fit here. There are others group for that.

3D, digital paintings, fractals, t-shirts and cases does not fit here either.

Journals must be relevant to the group and not advertise any other group or work (for more details, please refer to the linked thread below).

For more details:
> on posting journals
> on posting in moderation
> on how to get featured
> on ‘inappropriate material’