Digital Abstracts & Patterns - 1 image a day

Group Rules:

This group is to show your skills as a digital artist…not a traditional artist or photo manipulator. A digital artist creates ALL their art on computer alone with the use of digital software ie: Apophysis, Fractal Explorer, ArtRage, GIMP and other such programs…they do not use photos including photos of their traditional art that has been manipulated digitally, however, since there are few completely digital artists then photos are allowed only if the art work appears to be generated without a photo….in other words, manipulate the photo digitally to the point we cannot tell it was a photo to start as the base for the art work. If we detect the photo in the work we will remove it from the gallery.

Have fun, let your imagination run wild and please abide by the rules below:

1. No stand-alone traditional art; if you use a photo of your traditional art as a base then it must be digitally manipulated in some way so as not to show as a photo of traditional art or it will be removed. Hosts reserve the right to remove any work without explanation to keep the pages filtered and true to the group ideals

2. Extremely Limited Photography – if a photo is used as the base for the art work it MUST NOT be seen to appear as a photo, for example if it can be seen that a photo has been used, it will be removed.*

3. No duplicates in various colors

4. No profane language in text such as swearing

5. No realism

6. No text

7. No Abstract Landscapes or Abstract Realism, so no figures of people, animals, flowers, mountains, beaches, sunsets etc.

8. NO faces, people, animals or living things.

9. At present there is a limit of 1 work per day. If your work is heading towards the end of the gallery then please feel free to un-submit the work in your art file and resubmit it again to bring it back towards the front of the gallery for further viewing. More than 1 per day submitted will be rejected but you can submit it the following day.

10. There must be a description of how the work was created ie: what software program was used to create the work (Photoshop, Serif, GIMP etc), otherwise your work won’t be accepted. The description box on the edit page is where you add how the work was created.

NOTE: a pattern is a design and an abstract is a non-representational art work…in other words it is art that does NOT represent anything in particular.

You will receive a banner if featured.