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deviants redbubblers (2 per day - DA artists)

A group for artists who belong to Deviantart and RedBubble

Features 09-03-2012

Fiery-Fire Fiery-Fire 3793 posts

Critters small and big, a dash of strange and fractal – and this is the new twelve for our group :)
Great selection from more then one genre !!! Please have a look for yourself :)))

Powered, flowered and confettied!
by Kristina Gale

by jankolas

by �Shiny Happy People

by Georg Kiehne

by jankolas

The curious swan
by whimsicalworks

I sold my soul.
by Martin Muir

Kyle Vs. The Laptop
by Kyle Jerichow

Little Blue Suns
by lacitrouille

Fun at the Fair
by Yannik Hay

Sparrows In Blue
by Diego Re

Evening Stars
by blacknight

Yannik Hay Yannik Hay 2493 posts

Most cute and fun selection. Congratulations to all and thank you very much for including mine. I am very honoured :)

Kristina Gale Kristina Gale 388 posts

Wonderful! Thank you!