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Misty november Features Nov-19-2011

Fiery-Fire Fiery-Fire 3793 posts

Got some misty & moody features for this weekend, with the end of colorful autumn and start of colder weather.
Mind you here in Ontario, we have strange weather this year, it did get colder, but not as chilly as usual and with bare trees we still have green grass and sunny days, winter is slow this year and hope that is a good sign :)))

So you may say, we have a weather matching features :))) Congratulations to ALL !! and do have a look at our groups front page !!!

Narwhal YinYang
by Flynnthecat

by strgaZeNn

"Solitary adoration"
by JanneO

But in the End…
by Avantgarda

Rat Mutant
by Mike Cressy

One More Storm
by Jack Hunt

by Dominika Aniola

Foggy Winter Day
by Yannik Hay

Mood Swings – One Woman's Journey
by BellaKentuky

Mistress of Ceremonies
by autumnsgoddess

Grecian Shoemaker
by Diego Re

Raindrop Kingdom
by M1chaelFrank

strgaZeNn strgaZeNn 26 posts

Thank you for featuring Waterbead and congrats to everyone!! Beautiful works.

Yannik Hay Yannik Hay 2386 posts

I am very honoured to be featured in this group amongst great photographers. Thank you very much :)

rocamiadesign rocamiadesign 2853 posts

Lucky you, having green grass to look at! I’ve been looking out at a blizzard for two days.

Beautiful images! Congratulations to all of you for this well deserved feature! Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!