Destination Australia - no paintings please (temporary closure only)

Beautiful images, travel tales & clothing that promote Australia.

Recent Work

  • Shearing Shed #2 by Terry Everson
  • The old farmhouse in Infrared by Hans Kawitzki
  • Melville Cavas by Hans Kawitzki
  • Cape Tribulation by D-GaP
  • Breakaways by Hans Kawitzki
  • Dead in the outback by Hans Kawitzki
  • Wind swept by Hans Kawitzki
  • Big Daddy by lezvee
  • Could be anywhere by Greg McMahon
  • Kalbarri Sunset by robcaddy
  • Peaceful Bay by robcaddy
  • Empty Road of Red by kalaryder

About This Group

If you love this country and you want to help us show the world why and you’d like to have some fun along the way then this group is for you . Your images, clothing and words will help show the variety of places, characters, animals and things to do that are on offer in Australia. Think tourism and you’ll understand the group’s aim.

Group Avatar

John’s lovely image of Uluru was chosen via a group challenge in Dec. 2010 to be the group’s avatar.


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