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Animation Software

William Southers William Southers 4 posts

What software do people prefer to use. I like using Blender, the open source software. I haven’t had much experience with the other higher-end programs, though.

Faizan Qureshi Faizan Qureshi 5629 posts

I’ve had a go at Blender but haven’t had much luck yet… still gotta explore more!

ilziAndPeter ilziAndPeter 8 posts

did you turn it on, cheers peter.

Sienna Sienna 12 posts

I like Blender, but I’ve just started using it. If you can afford it, 3DsMax has always been good to me.

Faizan Qureshi Faizan Qureshi 5629 posts

I have 3DSMax a try a while ago and couldn’t understand much. Maybe I’ll try again…

obviouswarrior obviouswarrior 13 posts

Blender for modelling and Daz3D for lighting and render (3Delight). Both are free.