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Looking for advice on an image

MKWhite MKWhite 347 posts

I have a special manipulated photo that I will giving to my Father on Father’s Day. I want to know if anyone sees something else I might want to add to it. The photo is

And the page for it can be found here with an explanation of why I took this in the first place.

MKWhite MKWhite 347 posts

Anyone? Bueller?

Faizan Qureshi Faizan Qureshi 5629 posts

I think that it works really well like that MK. :)

webart webart 4 posts

The link is no longer there, nice effect though.

Faizan Qureshi Faizan Qureshi 5629 posts

This reminds me, we have a challenge running for Fathers Day! :D