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Tutorial Links

fixtape fixtape 26 posts

Lets share some knowledge!

Post a useful link with a brief summary about where it takes you.

fixtape fixtape 26 posts

An awesome guide to halftone patterns.

Socialite Socialite 86 posts

Vector Tuts is an awesome site. They provide tutorials, inspiration and free stuff.

Natalie Tyler Natalie Tyler 1493 posts

From Sketch to Vector Illustration – an amazingly detailed tutorial.

fixtape fixtape 26 posts

Ah yes Anne, that site is loaded with good stuff , do you happen to have a “Plus Membership”? if so, do you find it worth while?

Natalie. That was the shiz nas.

Simon Breese Simon Breese 10 posts

I’ve always been a fan of the Computer Arts UK Magazine’s site; my only warning is that there are almost too many tutorials to play with.
The fact that in most cases they provide the work files tends to make up for any lack of detail/support issues. But hey, isn’t that what friendly design forums are for? I used a mix of these while I was working out my approach for a digitally rendered comic book (one of those long-term projects).

Be warned. It’s best to hit it with a specific project in mind, otherwise you can get caught ‘researching’ for hours.

fixtape fixtape 26 posts

psimonic , I can’t believe I’ve never looked there.
I’m a fan of the magazine! Thanks for the link.