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Fractal software?

Bruce Stanfield Bruce Stanfield 2 posts

Fractal software is so wonderful, I keep getting asked by some fellow artists and some art students the same question which software to buy and what about the free programs on the net? I do not know what to tell them as I am a paint and brush guy for the most part, Ultra Fractal 5 Creative Edition was recommended by a friend? any advice on what to recommend would be appreciated! especially for someone starting out but does not want to keep having to pay for upgrades to pro version.
Thanks in advance forum friends, I am new to Redbubble by the way.

Objowl Objowl 4 posts

Hi Bruce nice to see you here :)
I’m using Tierazon a fractal generator from the last century, but it works for me. You can find it here as well as a few more, but I can’t vouch for them as I havn’t used them. If you want something more recent Apophysis is updated regularly and is free to use. Here’s a group on redbubble that might help. .
Others free ones you might like to consider are mandelbulb which is 3d. Deviantart is a good place for tutorials on all kinds of fractal generators here you can find out about mandelbulb
Another 3d one I like is incendia here are some on redbubble
I’ve never used the ones you pay for, but I’ve seen some good work done on Ultra Fractal.


Bruce Stanfield Bruce Stanfield 2 posts

Hey THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Objowl, funny to catch up with a friend in the virtual world!! I will pass this on! again thanks alot, I just promoted you on S6 2 seconds ago! wow this is so cool!!! Love you work by the way! I just wish there were more hours in the day!! Bruce:)