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AWARD School or AFA Adschool?

thatkellychic thatkellychic 20 posts

Hey everyone,

I’m after some advice. I’m interested in getting into the graphic design/advertising industry and i’m wondering which course would be more beneficial for me? AWARD school or AFA Adschool? i am an absolute beginner. no experience whatsoever.

Has anyone done the AWARD school course? was it hard to get into?

Any comments would be apprecitated.

Thanks. Kel.

Natalie Tyler Natalie Tyler 1493 posts

Hi Kel. I studied Creative Advertising a bazillion years ago in Melbourne at RMIT. The Award School was always seen as being pretty amazing. From the experience of hawking my folio around after graduating, creative directors and senior art directors are less interested in where you studied and more interested in your thoughts and ideas. I’d apply for both … just to make sure I had options but if you’re lucky enough to get an offer from both then I guess you want to be prepared to make a good choice! I think the choice should be more about what you can get out of the course and what you can learn than what you can put in your covering letter when you apply for jobs. So a couple of tips:

Get in touch with past students – ask them if they could spare 15 mins to talk to you about the course and to perhaps look at your folio. They’ve been through the process and they’ll be able to tell if your stuff is up to scratch and what types of things you should have in there. Do this as far in advance as possible and be prepared for differing opinions on some of your work … you’ll still need to make a few of your own decisions about what to keep in but it’s such a good excercise to make sure you’re on the right track and to give you confidence when you walk into the interview. Pick their brains about what the interview was like too.

Go to any open days for the course and ask good questions, make yourself known to the selection panel by being keen and eager. This is basically how I got in – they were looking for me when I arrived for my interview because I’d appeared on a few occasions, drilled one of their third years for inside info, cornered one of the senior lecturers after he’d given a talk at my school and put my hand up a few times at the open day to ask questions. You don’t need to badger people but politely making yourself known gives you a massive advantage.

Try and get a good idea about course content, what it is they focus on, what they’re well known for. Quiz past students on what they don’t like about the way they’re taught too. That can be handy to know when you’re making a decision.

That’s a start … feel free to drop me a bubblemail if you’ve got any more questions.
It was a few years back for me but I might be able to help :)