Depth Of Field

Group Rules:

Welcome to Depth of Field. Our rules are a bit strict, but, so can photography when using a particular aperture to achieve a particular image.

Only 2 images per day will be accepted. If more are submitted, these will be rejected without reason.

Must have clear focus point, and a clear field of de-focus.

Quality images will be considered only

Photos where everything is clearly in focus will be removed.

No Textures, when the texture obscures the original DOF

Fog does not count as an aperture setting :)

No “faked” depth of field (blurring the outside edges, this includes ORTON, etc)

No Snapshots

No Composites


No large borders

No Text (although minimal typeface will be considered)

No nudity or violence

2 images per day per artist, please

If your work is rejected, please don’t take it personally and please don’t resubmit it. It breaks out heart to reject your work over and over.

Have fun and respect your fellow artists

We reserve the right to remove any non-compliant images and ban any members that we feel may be better off at other groups.

By submitting images you give us permission to use them as challenge banners

And, as always, please remember to follow RedBubble rules and community guidelines